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12 View the order data

You can check the data that the visitor used to buy your product within the WooCommerce Order or Hikashop Order.


Click on "WooCommerce > Orders" and select the desired order. In the box "Price Simulator: Order Simulation" the details of the calculation can be seen:

Data is also recorded in the WooCommerce Order itself so you can use data in other plugins (Such as a plugin to print the order in PDF format):


Click on “Components > Hikashop > Orders” and select the desidered order. The details of the order can be seen in the “History” box.

F.A.Q (constantly updated)

How many fields can I create in PRO version?

PRO version allow you to create unlimited fields.

How to install properly the plugin?

Our Price Calculator PRO plugins are about 32MB size (for WordPress) and 13MB (for Joomla). They need to be installed throught the CMS admin panel in order to create automatically also tables on batabase.

Are our plugins compatibles with PHP7?

Yes, they are compatible with PHP7 version.

What happens to the pro features after subscription expires?

Nothing happens to pro features in your website over subscription time.
After subscription expires you’ll not be able to get more updates (with new features and bugfix) and forum support until you renew it.

How can i create a new template for my product page?

You can create a new template by following the example code here

How can i customize the default template for my product page?

You can customize the default template by following the example code here

How can i create fields?

You can create fields by following the instructions here

How can i create a mathematical formula for the calculator?

You can create the formula by following the instructions here

How can i create a calculator from excel?

You can create the calculator by following the instructions here

How can i customize the CSS style of the fields?

You can customize the CSS style by following the instructions here

How can i translate labels and values of fields?

you can translate them by following the instruction at: here
If there is no an example you can create the file you need.

Example (WordPress):


return array( 
'height' => 'Height',


return array(
'height' => 'Altezza',

The same method works for items of a dropdown. So if you create a new dropdown field, you can translate every item of the dropdown.

How can i remove the "powered by wooprice calculator" promotion in the product page?

You can't in the free version. You can remove the powered by buying a subscription of Our Price Calculator PRO.

How can i do conditional formulas?

You can do it with Excel Sheet. With Excel you can write conditional formulas "=IF() " and assign inputs fields and output price to your products.
Take a look at our PRO here

Can this plugin calculate any excel formulas?

Check if WPC does work for you directly in our live demo:

Why I see a blank page or an empty area?

If you are working with our plugin and you see a blank page or an empty area of the screen then it means there could be some errors but WordPress doesn't let see you them.

To show errors you need to:

  1. Edit via FTP the file "wp-config.php", change define( 'WP_DEBUG', false ); to define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ); For more information click here
  2. Go again where you saw the blank page or the empty area. Now You should see the errors.
  3. Maybe you can solve the problem on your own because most times it's a PHP extension missing on your server, a permission/ownership file problem, etc). But if you don't understand the error make a screenshot and open a new support request in the forum.


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